Quartz is a common material used for countertops today, as well as on floors and as backsplash. Quartz is typically used in the kitchen and bathrooms because this material not only provides a fresh, airy look, but it is one of the more sanitary materials due to its nonporous properties.

There are many benefits to use quartz for your countertops. Quartz is constructed with factory-made composites, making this material durable and easy to clean. It is not necessary to seal quartz countertops, as granite requires, and it remains strong due to its manufactured properties. Here are five things to know if you are thinking about choosing quartz for your next home project.

1. All Quartz Used in Stone Countertops Essentially Comes from the Same Source

As stated above, most of the quartz used in residential and commercial construction products is manufactured. Quartz for countertops, backsplash, and more is made by blending the natural stone after it is pulverized, mixing the aggregate with polymers and resins, removing air pockets, then heating and shaping the quartz product into slabs. This process and the addition of materials produces a slab of the quartz blend that is highly realistic in appearance and strong.

Quartz used in products like countertops is manufactured by the Breton company in northeast Italy. Breton pioneered this process more than 50 years ago and remains the top engineer for these products today. While several major companies use the same process for manufacturing their own quartz countertops and other products, they all work under the Breton patent for the engineering process.

2. Quartz is also Great to Use as Flooring

While you may not often notice, many commercial buildings use quartz as the flooring. Because of the manufacturing process, quartz can be developed into giant slabs, making it cost effective for large spaces. Using quartz for flooring is a great option for heavy traffic areas in homes or in commercial buildings such as malls and airports. The quartz is very durable and made to last for many years.

Quartz is becoming more popular in commercial buildings due to several beneficial factors of the material. Commercial spaces can match the flooring to their space when using quartz. This flooring option is also long lasting and easy to care for. Quartz floors do not require sealing and is a cost-effective choice for business spaces as well as homes.

3. Quartz is Very Low Maintenance

Quartz is a low maintenance material because of the man-made processes implemented into the engineering of the quartz. The resins used in the production of quartz ensure a smooth, nonporous surface that is easy to wipe clean and keep free of stains. It is also a flexible material, making it much less likely to crack if something heavy was dropped on it. Also, quartz is resistant to stains, meaning it does not need to be scrubbed or resealed year after year. The low maintenance factors of quartz make it a quality option for busy households and commercial spaces.

quartz floor

4. Quartz Is Highly Customizable

Those who choose quartz for their home or commercial building are able to customize the color and design in many ways thanks to the man-made properties and engineering of it. There are dozens of colors to choose from when buying quartz for countertops, backsplash, floors, and more.

Now in 2022, quartz is often being used in interior designs like modern and minimalist trends. Quartz creates a seamless, bright look that can freshen up any indoor space. Plus, it is more difficult to match the color and style of your cabinets when using real stone countertops like granite. By using quartz countertops, you can pick the color and look to match the style of your home. Engineers use pigments during the manufacturing process of quartz to change the tint and color. Trace minerals are also used to alter the appearance of quartz right out of the factory. The trace minerals create custom shades, depth, and sparkle to your taste.

5. Quartz is Very Durable

One of the biggest benefits of using quartz for your kitchen countertops is that the material is heat resistant. There is a low chance of damaging quartz countertops, especially compared to other stone products, during regular use. However, heat resistant means the quartz can only withstand a certain high temperature for only so long. It is best to take precautions with your quartz countertops such as using hot pads for cooking pans and using cutting boards for prepping food. If the quartz is exposed to extremely high temperatures, typically 400 degrees or higher, there is a risk of it warping and being damaged. As long as you are not exposing the quartz to extreme temperatures or cutting food directly on the countertop, quartz can last for many years to come.

Although quartz countertops are highly durable, accidents can happen. Thankfully the repair process on quartz products is relatively simple. Use an acrylic adhesive, epoxy, or a clear resin to fill nicks and gaps. A fast-setting clear epoxy is the best material to use on repairs for your quartz countertops.

Countertops take up a big area of your kitchen and make the style of your house dependent on them. For beautiful countertops that match your style, consider choosing quartz for your countertops, flooring and more. Whether it is kitchen countertops or a bathroom vanity, McFarland’s Flooring EnCounters will be happy to supply, design, and install the quartz in your next home project. To get a free estimate on your flooring or countertop renovation, contact us today.